Dinky’s music is poetic, deep, melancholic and a bit mysterious… the musician and DJ with base in Berlin and Chilean origins has just finished her new album “Wagon Repair 56” which will be released October 2009. I took the chance to catch her right after work to get some mind fragments.








In my music I like to express soul and feelings and transport the listener to certain atmospheres or sensations – love, nightmares, fears, happiness, ect… each song is meant to inject the listener with a certain “feel”


I find inspiration in everyday life, nature, reading, information and others people music, especially music from different parts of the world.


Peace, harmony, creativity… and a good music studio.




Reading. I don’t watch TV for many years now.


In 1973 many people had to leave Chile for political reasons and many ended up in Germany (Dandy Jack, Ricardo Villalobos, Matias Aguayo, Chica Paula, ect.).

On the other hand I think in the last 2 years so many people came here cause they think it was going to be easy to get gigs and to work as Djs. We humans are a bit like sheep, if someone does one thing they all follow, but at the end many have encountered it to be not as easy as it looked like and they are returning back.


I love Japan, I can’t get enough of Japanese food, the people, the clubs, the sound. Tokyo is so amazing, so fantasy-like, I love it and I’m always super exited to go back there, it’s like a little dream once you are there.


I’d like to start a family in a few years, I feel the need of having my own tribe and follow my natural instincts as a woman.


I’ll be a bit selfish on this one but I would really like to be able to live near my family as well as maintain my music career… in Chile that is pretty impossible!


I have received many great advices but the best have been, to stay independent, to maintain a good temper, do not despair when facing a problematic situation and always take things serious but keeping a sense of humor, there is always a solution for everything and if you follow your dreams you will reach them.



This article has previously been published on Sounds Like Me.